Stylishly Sustainable

The fashion industry is constantly changing and moving forward. Not just in what trends are out for the season or what colors are in style, the industry is making changes that matter. Many of the top designers are creating their latest ranges with sustainable fabrics. Customers are more aware than ever of the impact fashion has on the planet and want to see change. Today designers, factories, high street shops, customers and more are all working to create a greener fashion industry.

What are Sustainable Fabrics?

Sustainable fabrics are the way forward. These fabrics will dramatically reduce the impact that fashion has on the planet and the people living on it.

Today fashion is very fast. It is all about what new collections are out for the season. Customers want the latest trends at low prices. This is good for the fashionista rocking her new dress but it does come at a cost. Fabrics and the dyes used cause pollution and can cause workers to get sick. The fashion industry is one of the main contributors to pollution in our waters and on land.

This is where sustainable fabrics come in. These fabrics are designed to help combat these issues. The pollution is less, these are safer for workers and for the planet. The fashion industry can survive and thrive with green fabrics. So, what eco-friendly fabrics should you be looking out for?

  • Hemp – Hemp is durable and grows rapidly. This plant needs a small amount of pesticides or does not use any and it does not need fertilizer. It is easy to grow for famers and can be used for clothing, building materials and more. Hemp is a soft and comfortable fabric.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo grows quickly and does not need to be replanted. It just grows back. It does not need a lot of pesticides and cleans the air. Bamboo is a great choice for fabrics as it is antibacterial, light and biodegradable.
  • Organic Cotton – Organic cotton is grown without fertilizers and pesticides. This makes it better for the planet and for the people working with it. The organic cotton uses less water and can be dyed naturally. It is a comfortable fabric.
  • Silk – Silk is created by moths. In modern silk, the silk is taken with killing the moth pupa. This ensures that the fabric production is sustainable. The new silks do not need toxic dyes and can have its own unique color.
  • Wool – Wool has changed a lot. Now sustainable wool is taken from the animals humanely. The product has been shown to be better when the sheep has been given good living conditions. Wool is hypoallergenic, renewable and does not need chemicals.
  • Recycled Fabrics – Creating something new out of something old is a great way to be green. You can recycle any fabric to create a whole new item. Some designers are using this approach to and creating beautiful garments out of all sorts of things including parachutes.

Who is Using Green Fabrics?

Lots of designers are going down a greener path. Stella McCartney is a brand that uses its voice to promote sustainability. High street shops like H&M are also trying to improve on the fabrics they use by creating a conscious collection. These examples show that eco-friendly fashion is on trend, stylish and is becoming mainstream.

Celebrities love green fashion to! Gwynneth Paltrow, Emma Watson and Michelle Obama to name a few.

Sustainability at EarthDivas

At EarthDivas we take sustainability seriously. All our products are fair-trade and green. We are here to say that you can be stylish and sustainable. We have something for everyone from bamboo scarfs to organic cotton bags and more. Take a look at our website to find clothing and accessories for every style and occasion.

Lucy Siegle once said “fast fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying”. So, make a purchase that makes a difference.

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