The Symbol OM

You may have seen the symbol OM or you may have chanted it in your yoga class but what does it mean? Our customers have been asking that very question so today we are going to find out.

The Symbol

OM is spiritual and religious symbol and is also a sound. The symbol and sound is used across a variety of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and more. Visually you will see OM with a few curves with a small semi-circle with a dot over the top. The design has a purpose it is not just about the way it looks. The curves that look like a sideways M or a number three shape represent two things. The top curve symbolizes the deep sleep state and the bottom curve is a symbol of the waking state. The curve next to those two is a symbol of the dream state. While the semi-circle near the top is symbol of illusion and the dot at the top is a symbol of consciousness.

So, what does that all mean? Well the symbol of OM signifies the four states of human awareness. The waking state, deep sleep, the dream state and the state of conscience. It is a representation of the universe and our connection to it. OM can also be a symbol of our existence birth, life and death.

The Sound

OM is not just a symbol but a sound to. It is believed to be the sound of our creation. OM is a chant that is used daily in a variety of religions and is also used in spiritual yoga classes. The frequency of the chant is the same as the frequency found throughout nature. By chanting it you are tuning in to the universe and everything in it. Not only that but the chant calms the mind and relaxes you which is why it is often used in yoga and meditation.

Wearing OM

It is believed that OM can bring peace to someone who wears it. OM is said to also bring good fortune and luck. The symbol is also believed to empower you and to build inner strength. Whether you believe this or not it is still a beautiful symbol with a lot of history and a deep spiritual meaning.

OM at EarthDivas

If you like the look and sound of the OM symbol why not wear it! We have a couple of stylish bags that feature the OM symbol. Take a look.

Maroon OM Bag

Om Cross-Body Bag Red

You can order the OM pieces on our website. Don’t forget that our products not only look good but are also fair-trade and green. You can read more about EarthDivas and our work on our previous blog posts. If you have any more questions or thoughts on symbols, fair-trade and more get in touch. We love hearing from you and your thoughts and ideas could be featured on our blog. You can also like us on Facebook to hear all our latest news.

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