Fast Fashion

Fashion today is faster than ever. As customers, we want all the latest trends now and the stores want you to buy their collections as fast as possible. No longer is fashion about buying quality items for the new season. This careless way of manufacturing and purchasing is costing us in more than money. It is effecting the planet, the workers who make the clothing and ultimately you the customer.

What is Fast Fashion?

Some of the biggest clothing labels you can buy from create fast fashion collections. These collections are made cheaply and are designed to be sold quickly. The industry does not have two simple seasons of clothing anymore. Now we have new trends and styles coming out every week. Gone are the days of buying for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. This constant change makes customers feel the need to constantly shop for new clothing. Now customers will buy cheaper and lower quality to have the latest style now.

These clothes are not designed to last. After all a new collection will be out next week. This means after a few washes some clothing can be ready for the trash. When clothing goes in the trash it ends up in landfill. Fabrics can last on a landfill for hundreds of years. During this time chemicals and dyes used in clothing can affect the environment around it. When majority of the planet is going through clothing this quickly it adds up to a lot of landfill and a lot of environmental contamination.

Fast Fashion Workers

It is not just the earth that is paying a heavy price for fast fashion but it’s workers to. Many labels manufacture their clothing in countries where labor is cheap. According to Forbes “It takes a garment worker 18 months to earn what a fashion brand CEO makes on their lunch break.” Many workers in these countries can earn as little as $3 a day. A lot of these workers are young women who work long hours in poor conditions for extremely low wages.

Instead of using factories in other countries as way to make the industry better it has been used to make it worse. It could be an opportunity to spread the wealth of the fashion industry in other countries but sadly this not the case.

What Can We Do?

While customers cannot control how stores make their clothing you can control where you buy from. Research some of your clothing brands, find out where the clothing was made.

You can also start to look for more ethical brands. Clothing stores that manufacture in a positive way will tell you about it. Not only that but you can start to pay a little more for clothing that is better quality and that will last. It is easier to buy the cheaper option but it will cost you in the long run. Start to make better choices and the industry will have to follow.

Fashion at EarthDivas

We have written about this today because we feel strongly about creating a brand that tackles some of these issues. At EarthDivas we use fabrics and dyes that are better for the planet. We use durable fabrics that are made to last. One of the biggest things we are proud to share is our work in Nepal. We are a fair-trade business and work with factories and tailors in Nepal to create better working conditions and to give the artisans the payment they deserve. We teach women in tailoring school and 100% of profits made by EarthDivas go right back to the women who made our products.  You can read all about the work we do on our other blogs and Facebook page.

Together we can make a change. Choose quality no quantity.

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