Stylish Scarves

Now we are in the fall and winter is around the corner it is time to start thinking about a warmer wardrobe. One of the must have items for the colder seasons is a scarf. Scarves keep you warm and cozy but also make a chic fashion accessory. A scarf can transform your simple outfits into stylish ones. We have a beautiful collection of wool scarves available at EarthDivas. Take look to find your favourite.

Wool Infinity Loop Scarves

Infinity scarves are great to have in the closet. These can be worn in a few different ways and do not have dangling ends. Scarves can be too long and the ends can drag on the floor but this isn’t a problem with an infinity scarf. Just loop and you’re good to go. You can wear an infinity scarf double looped, as one loop or you could even wear it as a hood. We have a couple of wool infinity scarves in warm autumnal colors. Each one is handmade in soft wool. Scarves like these will suit all your outfits.

Colorful Chunky Scarves

If you prefer the traditional scarf style with the ends then these colorful scarves are for you. These have the similar chunky knit look but are not in the infinity style. We have two of these scarves available one in neutral white, black and grey and one in bright colors. Both scarves are chic and will add cozy elegance to any outfit.  These scarves are handmade out of soft wool, both are comfortable and light. You could wear any of the colors with any outfit for any occasion. From casual days to work to a night out and more. The chunky scarves will become your go to item.

Wool Scarves

We have a collection of wool scarves that are simple, classic and timeless. These scarves are loomed by artisans in Nepal and are made from a very soft wool blend. We have a variety of colors available from dark tones to fall colors to pretty, light colors. These will suit any age and any occasion. There are a few ways to wear these scarves. You could wear simply around the neck, wrapped once around the neck, looped around the neck, as a hood or even as a shawl. Any of the scarves are a practical must have that is stylish to.

Small Scarves

If you prefer shorter scarves to the longer ones then these scarves are for you. We have the colors from the collection above only these are smaller. These are made from the same super soft wool. Shorter scarves are great for the more petite lady as there won’t be long dangling scarf ends. Any of these scarves will jazz up your simple outfits. All of them have been loomed by artisans in Nepal.

Print Wool Scarves

Scarves don’t have to be in a block color you could go for a stylish print. We have a beautiful collection of wool scarves with prints including stripes, checks and more. You could wear the plainest outfit but it will look very stylish with scarves like these.

Go over to the website today to order your must have scarf. Make sure you check out our other scarves, bags and accessories we have available. Treat yourself or maybe a loved one. Christmas is around the corner and any of these would make a great gift.

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