Natural Fiber Head Wear

Hats and headbands are a great way to accessorize. Not only is head wear functional and practical but also super stylish. You can add some of the seasons latest colors, prints and patterns to your look without splashing out on a whole new outfit. At EarthDivas we have beautiful collections of hats and headbands that are all made from natural fibers.

EarthDivas Headbands

Headbands are trendy and also keep hair out of the eyes. A headband is great for the ladies who want to keep their hair looking tidy, stylish and out of the way. We have a selection of vibrant headbands, tie-dye, striped and wool knit headbands. The wool knit in particular are perfect for this time of year as it will keep you cozy in the colder weather.

Take a look at some of our favourite headbands that are a must have accessory. We have a headband for everyone from warm wool to bold and statement making pieces.

EarthDivas Hats

Now the weather is getting colder it is the perfect time to think about wearing a hat. A hat can keep you warm during the winter months. Not only that but hats look very stylish. We have a wide selection of hats to choose from including kids hats and knitted caps.

Have a look at some of the cool hats we have available. There is a hat for everyone no matter what your style.

Inspiration for Today’s Blog

At EarthDivas we find inspiration for designs all over the world. We are always on the lookout for new shapes, colors and patterns. Recently we came across a blog called Africa Ranking which features all wonderful articles about Africa. It includes information about nature parks, fashion and more. We particularly liked a post called “10 Most Beautiful Traditional African Fashion”. It features stunning, vibrant pieces. We loved a section on the different head ties that are worn in different places around Africa. Here is the head tie we love!

The post has inspired us for the future. We hope to use styles from around the world in our new designs. With our pieces we want to bring different parts of the world to our customer. From the place it was inspired by to the artisans who make our products in Nepal. It has also inspired today’s blog post as we love hats and head wear and wanted to share our favourite pieces with all our readers.

You can take a look at the blog by clicking the title or by clicking the image. If you loved any of our headbands or hats featured then go over to the website. You can order or have a look at the rest of our collections. A purchase through EarthDivas improves the life of artisans who make our products as well as the planet as all our products are natural and green. Any of our pieces would make perfect gifts for Christmas to. Also check out our Facebook page where you can keep updated, you can hear about our trips to Nepal and much more.

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