Fair Trade

We are proud to say that EarthDivas is a fair trade company. As we are fair trade it means that the purchases made benefit the artisans who make our products. If you aren’t familiar with what fair trade means then you are not alone. Many are not fully aware of the amazing benefits that come from fair trade. We are here to help. Today’s blog post is all about the meaning of fair trade and why you should buy fair trade in the future.

What is Fair Trade?

When a product is fair trade it means that whoever produced the item gets paid fairly for the work they did. This is used in developing countries to ensure that the workers have enough money for food, healthcare and more. The idea is to work together with other countries to create thriving businesses that are successful for everyone. This works towards putting an end to poverty and gives room for development.

Fair trade sets fair standards so that workers are protected. This means their rights, their work conditions and that they will need to be paid at least the minimum price. Fair trade also ensures that the standards are being kept. Businesses that are fair trade are also working towards sustainability.

Why Should You Buy Fair Trade?

Now you know more about fair trade, the question is why should you buy? Here are some of the top reasons to buy fair trade.

  1. Fair trade businesses are sustainable or working towards it. This means that these businesses and the products they make are better for the environment.
  2. Workers get fair pay and work in a safe place.
  3. Fair trade products like the ones by EarthDivas are made by artisans. As the products are handmade it means the products are high quality and each piece has been worked on with pride.
  4. Fair trade offers workers the chance to improve their lives by earning their own wage.
  5. When products are made in other countries it connects the artisan and the buyer. The buyer can have a one of a kind piece made from somewhere else in the world.
  6. Workers can build businesses to create thriving communities.
  7. When you buy fair trade products, you are buying something that matters. You are making a difference to workers lives.

Fair Trade at EarthDivas

EarthDivas are members of the Fair Trade Federation. This organization is part of the global fair trade and works with North American businesses. The aim is to create sustainable businesses that end poverty.

At EarthDivas we work with factories and artisans in Nepal. Our products are handmade mostly by women. We teach women new skills in our tailoring school and empower them to work, learn new skills, gain confidence and earn extra money to support their families. You can read more about the work we do in Nepal on our blog and Facebook page. We have a variety of images and videos from the creation of our products to when the workers get paid. Thank you to everyone that supports EarthDivas and to anyone who supports in the future. Together we are changing lives.

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