EarthDivas Jewelry

There are a lot of ways to accessorize your look from bags to scarves and more. One of the easiest ways to jazz up an outfit is with jewelry. Jewelry is not just a way to accessorize but it can allow you to put your own stamp on your look. You can choose a piece that is your favourite color or beads that you like the look of. We have a beautiful selection of jewelry available at EarthDivas and would like to share it with you.

Tegua Jewelry – Red Beaded Necklace with Natural Center

First up we have this stunning statement necklace. The necklace features two strands of stylish red beads with a gorgeous natural stone in the centre. Red is a big trend for 2017 so this necklace is a must have. A necklace like this will add a flash of color to any outfit and it can be worn for any occasion.

Tegua Jewelry – Natural, Round, 4 Seeds

Our next piece uses natural looking beads and has a bohemian style vibe. The necklace has 8 small beads, one natural circle style feature and 4 natural beads at the bottom. We love this necklace because it is stylish and unique. A necklace like this will look gorgeous with any outfit. It would look awesome on beach vacations to.

Tegua Jewelry – Multicolor Seeds

Next, we have a necklace that be will a glamorous finishing touch to any outfit. The necklace features a variety of coloured beads with one statement bead in the centre. We like this necklace because the beads do not go all the way to the ends so there is some of the natural rope seen. You could wear a necklace like this for any occasion from a causal day out to a night out on the town.

Tegua Jewelry – Black Large Round

Like chunky jewelry that makes a statement? Then this next necklace is for you. The necklace has 7 large black beads with small ones in between and on the ends of the necklace. A necklace like this is a chic and stylish. Black is a timeless color that goes with everything. This necklace is a must have for any jewelry box.

Tegua Jewelry – Black 4 Strands

Our next pick of our collection is a four-strand beaded necklace. The necklace is a natural rope style with a unique beaded feature at the bottom. There is a big black bead with two small black beads, there is also four strands coming from the bead design. We love this bold piece.

Flower Brooch

The last piece of our collection is this flower brooch. The brooch is made of felt in fresh green and a soft yellow. A cute brooch like this will suit any age and any style. It will add a pop of color to your winter coat.

We hope you love our jewelry collection as much as we do. Each piece is handmade so is unique. Go over to the website to order and have a look at our other ranges while you are there. We have scarves, bags and more. Christmas is just around the corner and of these would make great gift ideas to!

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