Fair Trade Highlights 2017

We at EarthDivas are a proud member of the fair trade Federation. It is very important to us to show the amazing ways in which fair trade helps workers and people around the globe. As the year is coming to a close we would like to take the opportunity to show our fair trade highlights.

Disaster Relief

During the last year and well before we have seen many natural disasters. These have included hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and famine. The disasters have devastated many countries including Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, Mexico and the USA. To help communities rebuild, the Fair Trade Federation listed all the federation members who were and still are today collecting donations.

You can have a look at the projects and donate. The members listed are the Mexico Earthquake which is helping all the people affected by an earthquake. Next there is the India Flood Relief who is helping provide food and shelter to families affected by the monsoon rain. Across India, Bangladesh and Nepal over 41 million people have been affected with the loss of 1,200. The next project was the Hurricane Harvey Coffee Donation. This is no longer running but this charity sent out coffee to all the emergency services who were helping in flooded areas. The last project is the African Famine Relief Fund. This charity is trying to help the millions of people facing feminine in East Africa. All funds plus 5% of the store Serrv sales goes to the people facing this humanitarian crisis.

Here is the link to visit the projects so you can read more about them and the wonderful work fair trade members are doing.

2017 Conference

The 2017 Fair Trade Federations Conference took place over three days in March. It was held in Louisville KY. 164 fair trade companies attended from all different countries including Mexico, the Netherlands, the USA and more. During the conference over 250 attendees spoke about fair trade, shown off their fair trade products, talked about business and where fair trade is heading for the future. It was a wonderful event that brought together people and businesses from around the globe. You can read more about the conference here.

Ethical Shopping

On the Fair Trade Federation website you can find fair trade stores, shop online, look at gift guides and more. The website brings together all the fair trade businesses, their goals and projects and shows them to buyers across the world. If you are already buying fair trade or want to learn about it and start to buy, then this is the place to be. You can shop here.

Working with the UN

The United Nations addresses global issues annually and sets goals on how to solve them. The fair trade industry is a major player in achieving some of these problems. The Fair Trade Federation highlights exactly how buyers and businesses can work together to solve some of the worlds problems. Fair trade can help end poverty, empower women and work for gender equality, provide employment for all, reduce inequality in developing countries, help to combat climate change and promote peace and justice.

You can read all about fair trade and the UN on the FTT website here.

These have been our some of the ways that fair trade has helped that we are proud off. As a fair trade business we are delighted to be a part of a wonderful movement. Thank you to all our supporters this year and we hope to make 2018 even brighter.

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