Eco Friendly Fibers and Dyes

Fashion and the garments it produces are always changing. It is not only the clothing designs, colors and materials that are moving with the times but also the sustainability. The industry has a long way to go but many luxury fashion designers and high street chains are starting to use eco friendly fibers and dyes.

What are Eco Friendly Fibers?

Eco friendly fibers are created with the environment in mind. Any fabrics made this way consider the impact on the planet and try to reduce the amount of chemicals used.

Common eco friendly fibers are hemp, organic wool, wild silk and linen. Hemp is grown without any chemical pesticide. It is a plant that is easy to grow and can be blended with other materials like organic cotton for a smooth cloth. The other fabrics are used as an alternative to natural fibers which have been grown and treated with chemicals.


What are Eco Friendly Dyes?

Eco friendly dyes are an alternative to dyes that contain chemicals. Dyes that do not contain harmful chemicals can be organically grown and are much better for the people using them and the environment. More smaller businesses than ever are using dyes that are friendlier to the planet and the people who work with them.


Who is Joining the Cause?

Many well known fashion brands are starting to use eco friendly fibres and dyes. Some of the designers and brands moving forward with sustainability are:

  • Stella McCartney
  • Edun
  • H&M – Conscious Collection
  • Amour Vert
  • EarthDivas

What You Can Do?

One of the best ways you can make a change is by thinking before buying. We live in a fast fashion, throwaway society but it doesn’t have to be that way. Before you go and buy something new consider if you really need it or try upcycling.

Upcycling is a great direction to take. You get your new piece of clothing, you have a unique garment, saved money and made a greener choice. There are all sorts of ways you can upcycle, but one is natural dyes. Dyes you often buy in store do have chemicals in them that end up in the drain and then create more pollution. Instead you can use natural dyes and you can change the color of any light colored fabric. T-shirts, dresses and more can be dyed pollution free. You can use a variety of natural items such as roots and flowers. Maybe try roses for pink, beetroot for a dark red tone and even celery leaves to make yellow. The design possibilities are endless. You can find out more about natural dyes online, here is a great article that we found! How to Make Natural Dyes to Dye Fabric & Clothes at Home.


We can improve the way we buy and the planet around us with simple changes. At EarthDivas we are proud to be fair-trade, use natural materials and to contribute towards sustainability. You can check out story here. If any of our readers has more information to share or just wants to talk about sustainability we want to hear from you. Get in touch in the comments.

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