Fair Trade and Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry has been making significant changes in the way garments are produced, from eco friendly materials to improved human rights for the workers. There is still a lot that needs to change but progress is being made and we are moving in the right direction. We are passionate about creating fair trade and sustainable fashion and we want to highlight the great things that the industry has already done and will do. The more consumers that get on board with the movement will mean that designers and high street stores will listen.

The Responsibility of Shoppers

Many shoppers have no idea where their clothing comes from. However, manufacturing and issues are now being highlighted more than ever. Not only can we find out where our clothes are made but we can also make better choices. There is such a large range of stores to choose from where the fabrics are eco-friendly and fairtrade. By just swapping one high street item for a sustainable one you are helping the cause.

Credit: sustyvibes.com

Another thing you can do to make a step in the right direction is by stopping throwaway fashion. Buy higher quality items that will last. When your clothing is finished with don’t bin it. You could sell it, give your unwanted items to charity, upcycle into something new or use for scrap fabric. You can check out some sewing projects for greener living and recycle some of your unwanted fabrics and clothing.

Brands That Are Changing

New designers and stores are moving with the times and are adjusting the way they make clothes. However, some of the big stores that are already established were slower at making changes. Today more high street, online stores and designer boutiques are making their clothes friendlier for the planet and the workers who manufacture them. Some of the major brands making positive changes are:

  • H&M
  • Zara

New Eco Warrior Designers

We mentioned new stores are not making changes in they way they already run but are starting with an eco-warrior mindset in the first place. These stores are the future and it is important that we start to look at these shops for our on trend pieces. Here are some new shopping options you should consider:

  • Reformation
  • EarthDivas
  • People Tree

These awesome stores prove that sustainability can be stylish. We can have natural fibers, dyes and ensure that all workers are treated fairly. Not only that fair trade and eco friendly fashion can also be cost effective. Years ago, buying sustainably meant more money but today you can buy friendly fashion on any budget.

We want to help make a change to. That is why at EarthDivas you will find fashionable collections made with natural fabrics that is all made in the fair trade guidelines. You can check out how we help garment makers here and shop on the website here. Here is a link to the fair trade federation where you can find other stores making positive changes and creating opportunities for workers across the globe.

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