DIY Projects and Crafts That Use Recycled Fabrics/Clothing

If you like crafts and recycling fabrics, this is the blog post for you. We have put together five cool craft projects that you can do at home. Whether you are new to sewing and crafts or whether you are a sewing master we have something for you. Each one is a green project that recycles something old and makes it into something new. Take a look to see what you can make.

T-Shirt Grocery Bag

Our first project is a funky grocery bag. These cute bags are made from old t-shirts. You can make a variety of different sized bags in different colors and prints. If you want a small bag use a small t-shirt but if you want a big bag use a large t-shirt. These are easy to make and only have a little sewing. The finished bags can be used for carrying fruit and veg or any other shopping. There are lots of tutorials for these online, here is a good one we found from AllThings G&D.

Credit: AllThings G&D


If you have pyjamas you no longer wear or scrap fabric in about the same length you can make a cute infinity scarf. Infinity scarves are great with any outfit for any season. You can make warmer scarves with fluffier fabric and thinner ones with light fabric. Not only is this a fun craft but you will have a unique accessory. Here is a great tutorial we found on making an infinity scarf from BRITTANY MAKES.



For this next craft we have another use for t-shirts. With old t-shirts, a hand towel and simple sewing supplies you can make a rug for your home! It does require effort as the t-shirts have to be cut into strips and then sewn in rows. However, it is simple to do, and you can create so many different rug designs. We found this brilliant tutorial for the project from The Happy Housewife, take a look.

Credit: thehappyhousewife

Fabric Garland

If you have old fabric scraps or old clothing around, you can turn them into a garland. You cut your fabric into strips and then tie them to twine to create a garland. There are so many different garlands you can create. Maybe a pink or blue one for a child’s room or you can use themed fabric for an occasion. Maybe pastels for Easter or green and red for Christmas. We have found an easy tutorial for this project from Southern State of Mind.

Credit: southernstateofmindblog

T-Shirt Artwork

You can use a t-shirt to create cool and unique artwork for your walls. All you will need is a t-shirt and a frame. You cut out the piece of t-shirt you want for the frame and then just stick it in the frame. There are so many designs you could create. Maybe a t-shirt with a quote, your favourite band, most loved movie or favourite place. Here is an easy to follow tutorial to help you from At Home with the Barkers.

Credit: athomewiththebarkers

We hope you have found a fun craft project to try. If you do make any of these make sure you let us know! We love to hear from our readers. You can also tell us about any more eco friendly projects you know.

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