About Us

Our Vision

When we started EarthDivas, our vision was simple. We wanted a company that provided beautiful, low-cost, fair trade products. And, we wanted a company that would help lift up women, and their families, in developing countries like Nepal, India and Thailand.

Women in developing countries have very limited options when it comes to employment. Our goal and passion is to provide these women a way to make a safe, profitable living. In turn, the income these women make helps lift up their entire local community. And to us, that’s the best reason to be in business.

Why EarthDivas Is Different

At EarthDivas, fair trade is fundamental to everything we do. It’s the reason why we’re here.

  • Our artisans are paid 30% more than what they would make working for a non-fair trade company. And, we work directly with the artisans- there are no middle-men involved. This means our artisans make more money.
  • Here at EarthDivas, we don’t keep our profits. 100% of our profits are given to the artisans at the end of the year in the form of a cash payout.
  • We work directly with artisans to help them improve the design and quality of the items they make. For you, this means quality work that won’t fall apart over time.
  • We’re currently involved with several training programs in Nepal and India. These groups help train women to work on sewing machines. This not only helps our production capacity, but these skills help women earn a higher income throughout their life.
  • Many of the bags, purses, and wallets our artisans make are eco-friendly. We use a great deal of hemp, which is a strong, sustainable fiber that’s easy to grow. Most of the silk used in our bags are from scraps which otherwise would be thrown away.

Your Thoughts and Feedback

We would love to hear from you. Your feedback on how we can improve our products or which products we should add, or what designs you like and don’t like are greatly appreciated.

We’d also love to receive any pictures you can send us of you wearing our items. Just click the feedback link and send us a quick note. If you have any questions or need more information, please drop me a line at info@earthdivas.com.

Thank You for supporting the hemp industry and the wonderful handmade, fair trade products that we offer.

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