Alpaca Scarves are Perfect for that Late Spring Chill!

I know it’s May, and in man parts of the country the temperature is topping 70 degrees. But here in Michigan, we can still have cool days and even cooler nights. And if you have to live below the equator, you’re getting into your winter season. Brrr!
This is why alpaca is such a wonderful fabric [...]

Compostable Sneakers, Anyone?

So, I’m talking about compost. Again. Yesterday I wrote about how to compost fabrics. And today?
Well, I wanted to dive into the world of sneakers. Yes, there are some sneakers you can compost. Take  a look:

These sneakers look just like any other sneakers, right? Well, they’re just a bit different than the shoes you already [...]

Want a Sweater Made from Yak Wool?

Think you’d like to wear a sweater made from yak wool? I know I would!
The yak is an important animal for many cultures, especially in Nepal, where many of our own artisans live and work. And eco-clothing retailer Khunu makes really awesome, really eco-friendly yak wool sweaters.
The Benefits of Yak Wool
There are tons of benefits [...]

Eco-Friendly Silks

People love silk. And it’s easy to see why. Silk is luxurious, it drapes beautifully, and it can hold dramatic bursts of color that are not as vibrant on other fabrics.
But the production of silk is actually a really cruel process. Silk worms are actually boiled alive during the silk making process. Want to learn [...]

Eco-Friendly Fiber: Jute

Did you know that when it comes to eco-friendly fibers, jute is right up there with hemp and bamboo?
For many people, jute is kind of off the radar when it comes to green fabrics. Back in the 1700-1800s, jute was a wonder crop, but the growing of jute, and its production into sustainable fibers, largely [...]