Eco Friendly Rain Boots

If you pay attention to fashion blogs, or keep a weather eye out for awesome street style, then you’ve probably already realized that rain boots, or “galoshes” are hothothot right now.
These colorful, knee-high rubber boots have been a staple in England for decades. But here in the States we’re just now discovering how fun, funky, [...]

Eye Popping Eco Friendly Shoes

Can you believe these shoes? I want every single one of them!
If you follow fashion at all, then you know that anything neon is hothothot right now. And pairing neon with eco-friendly is a sure way to my heart. And I almost fell over when I caught the Schier Shoes profile on EcoFabulous today.
Here’s the [...]

Eco-Friendly, Upcycle Etsy Seller: BrokenGhostCouture

Although I’m just now getting my feet wet making my own eco-fashion pieces, I haven’t progressed to an actual sewing machine yet. I’m stillĀ hand stitching upcycled fabric to used clothes I pick up at Goodwill. Which is why when I see true upcycling masters at work, I’m in awe. And, BrokenGhostCouture is one of those [...]

Getting Beach Hair

I love being by the beach. My hair gets wonderful highlights that can’t ever be reproduced in a hair salon (I know because I’ve tried). It’s also great for my curls; when I’m at the beach, they’re wavy, but not really frizzy. Beach hair is unique because it’s loose, carefree, natural, and really pretty. After [...]

Eco Fashion Business Idea: Personal Stylist

I read a fascinating article this morning about one woman in LA who’s carved out a very profitable and unique business for herself. She’s a fashion consultant/personal stylist, but one of her specialties is helping people find awesome outfits at local Goodwill and consignment shops.
The reason why her clients, who can obviously afford to spend [...]

What Buying “Bargain” Really Means

If you’re like most people, then you likely spend a fair amount of time shopping for bargains. Heck, we’ve all done it at some point; seeing a sign that says “60% off” causes many of our hearts to quicken. However, shopping for bargains may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, and I [...]

What to Dye with Natural Dyes

Last year I wrote a post on how to dye fabric with natural dyes. And there’s no doubt that using natural dyes is one of the safest, most environmentally-friendly ways to add some wonderful color and character to your clothes and fabrics. For instance, the marigold pictured above is common in many yards and gardens, [...]

Going Green at the Oscars

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about last night’s Oscars, and the actresses that took up Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge.
Now, I’ve written about Ms. Firth several times on this blog; she’s the wife of actor Colin Firth. But she’s also just as well known for her commitment to sustainable fashion.
For the Oscars, Ms. [...]

Eco Friendly Beach Bags

I know it’s only mid-February. However, lots of you are taking your winter vacations right now (congratulations!). And…Spring Break is coming up really quickly!
I wanted to do a post this week on eco-friendly beach bags because not only will it be beach season soon, but I’ve been on the Gulf the past several months and [...]

Fashionable Reusable Shopping Bags

If you’re at all into the green movement, then you likely have a pile of reusable shopping bags in your kitchen. I know I do. Some of mine are so cool that I actually hang them on the wall in my kitchen; not only does this decorate the wall, but it also helps me remember [...]