Fair Trade Fall Scarves

As I write this, it’s a cool 64 degrees outside. It’s been raining for two days here, and after the sweltering hot, dry summer we’ve had, I’m welcoming every drop! However, this early glimpse of fall weather has me thinking about cozy, wool scarves.
1. Earth Divas Fair Trade Wool Scarf

The Earth Divas fair trade black [...]

Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

These days, the iPhone is just as much a fashion statement and identity-marker as your fair trade bag, DIY jacket, and custom-dyed jeans. This little device, carried by millions, not only keeps you in touch with the people you love, but it also lets you stay connected to the web, listen to music, and look [...]

Fair Trade, Upcycled Etsy Picks

I’ll be the first to admit I have a slight problem with Etsy. Well, slight might be an understatement. I love Etsy with a fierce passion.
The site has given thousands of artists the chance to sell their handmade and vintage goods, and many of them are pursuing their art full time, thanks to the success [...]

These Hats Help Women In a Big Way

Thankfully, soon the weather is going to make a change for the chillier side. We’ll need wool sweaters, jeans, tall boots, and even a scarf to cut the wind. It’s hard to imagine right now (with the thermostat hovering right around 93 at my house!), but fall is definitely on her way.
Which is why I [...]

Eco Friendly Rain Boots

If you pay attention to fashion blogs, or keep a weather eye out for awesome street style, then you’ve probably already realized that rain boots, or “galoshes” are hothothot right now.
These colorful, knee-high rubber boots have been a staple in England for decades. But here in the States we’re just now discovering how fun, funky, [...]

Eye Popping Eco Friendly Shoes

Can you believe these shoes? I want every single one of them!
If you follow fashion at all, then you know that anything neon is hothothot right now. And pairing neon with eco-friendly is a sure way to my heart. And I almost fell over when I caught the Schier Shoes profile on EcoFabulous today.
Here’s the [...]

Eco-Friendly, Upcycle Etsy Seller: BrokenGhostCouture

Although I’m just now getting my feet wet making my own eco-fashion pieces, I haven’t progressed to an actual sewing machine yet. I’m stillĀ hand stitching upcycled fabric to used clothes I pick up at Goodwill. Which is why when I see true upcycling masters at work, I’m in awe. And, BrokenGhostCouture is one of those [...]

Getting Beach Hair

I love being by the beach. My hair gets wonderful highlights that can’t ever be reproduced in a hair salon (I know because I’ve tried). It’s also great for my curls; when I’m at the beach, they’re wavy, but not really frizzy. Beach hair is unique because it’s loose, carefree, natural, and really pretty. After [...]

Eco Fashion Business Idea: Personal Stylist

I read a fascinating article this morning about one woman in LA who’s carved out a very profitable and unique business for herself. She’s a fashion consultant/personal stylist, but one of her specialties is helping people find awesome outfits at local Goodwill and consignment shops.
The reason why her clients, who can obviously afford to spend [...]

What Buying “Bargain” Really Means

If you’re like most people, then you likely spend a fair amount of time shopping for bargains. Heck, we’ve all done it at some point; seeing a sign that says “60% off” causes many of our hearts to quicken. However, shopping for bargains may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, and I [...]