New Autumn and Winter Collection

Autumn has arrived! It is not just the season that has changed but the fashion to. This season is all about warmer fabrics and earthier colors. If you are looking for your new autumnal key pieces then you are in the right place! At EarthDivas we have added a new stylish, Fairtrade autumn collection to [...]

The Symbol OM

You may have seen the symbol OM or you may have chanted it in your yoga class but what does it mean? Our customers have been asking that very question so today we are going to find out.
The Symbol
OM is spiritual and religious symbol and is also a sound. The symbol and sound is used [...]

Stylishly Sustainable

The fashion industry is constantly changing and moving forward. Not just in what trends are out for the season or what colors are in style, the industry is making changes that matter. Many of the top designers are creating their latest ranges with sustainable fabrics. Customers are more aware than ever of the impact fashion [...]

The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a symbol that appears on jewelry, bags and more. The design varies and it has a deep meaning across a variety of cultures. So, what is this popular tree symbol and what does it mean?
Tree of Life Meaning
This symbol has been seen throughout history, right back to ancient times. Each [...]

Make a Purchase That Matters

At EarthDivas we give 100% of the profits made to the artisans who create our products. Our goal is to help businesses grow and to give back to the artisans who work hard to make beautiful products. Our products are also handmade, fair trade and green.
Artisans We Work With
We work with businesses in Nepal. This [...]

More Upcycling Ideas from Pinterest

If I wasn’t careful, I could literally spend hours a day scrolling through Pinterest. There are so many beautiful pictures and amazing ideas on there!
I have a Board for DIY and Upcycling ideas (you can follow me at HemingwayLove.) And, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite upcycling projects in case you’re getting ready [...]

New Favorite Eco-Shopping Site: Lydali

This week I stumbled onto an eco and ethical shopping site that I am now madly in love with. The site is Lydali. And I can show you, in pictures, what they stand for.

Put simply, Lydali pulls together artisans from all over the world and promises them a fair wage for the beautiful items they [...]

Luscious Fair Trade Summer Scarves

Unless it’s 85 degrees out, I usually have a scarf around my neck. To me, scarves add elegance and a pop of color to any outfit. They’re also perfect to take to festivals and the beach to drape around your neck and shoulders when the night air turns cool.
Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite [...]

Planning a Wedding? Consider an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Are you planning a wedding? Or, are you like me and just enjoy looking at beautiful gowns? If so then you’re in for a treat because a few days ago I received an email from Lori at Conscious Elegance, a small design firm that makes organic, upcycled and eco-friendly wedding dresses.
Lori asked if I’d be [...]

Eco-Friendly Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Chances are, you’re starting to stow away your shorts, sandals, and tanks, and drag out your sweaters, jackets, tights, and boots.
Fall starts officially in just a few days, and in many parts of the country (Michigan included!) it’s really starting to feel like it! The leaves are starting to change, the mornings are chilly, and [...]