Fair Trade Pre-Fall Bags

Right now, it’s the middle of July. We’re in the apex of summer, at a time when lightening bugs still hold sway, thunderstorms roll through in the afternoons to freshen things up, and you spend more time barefooted than you do wearing shoes. This time of year is full of lazy picnics, tree swings, open [...]

Fair Trade Travel Bags

I love travelling. I love packing just the bare necessities into a few bags and setting off to a new place.
Travelers often go through a predictable dilemma. If you pack super light you don’t have to lug around a bunch of heavy carry-on bags. But packing light also means that you’re missing several items that will make your [...]

Bright and Colorful Hobo Bags

Despite all the writing I’ve done on our new summer bags, I’m still not done! We have a beautiful line of bright and colorful hobo bags that are perfect for early summer. To me, the lines and designs of these bags are very much inspired by modern-day India. I can imagine that our artisans in [...]

Elegant and Stylish Fair Trade Bags

Many of our new bags are perfect for summer. They’re made with poppy, bright colors, and have shapes and lines that are more at home at a music festival than the office or a night out on the town.
However, not all of our new bags are like a summer afternoon; we have several bags that [...]

Our New Stonewashed Line

I’ll probably spend much of the summer highlighting our new batch of fair trade bags. We have so many new designs in – just in time for warm summer nights dancing under the stars or heading to the beach on vacation.
Today I want to showcase some bags from our new Stonewashed line. These bags are [...]

New Summertime Fair Trade Backpacks

So I still haven’t gotten around to highlighting all of our new fair trade bags yet. There’s so many, and there are still more on the way! I’m still having trouble choosing my favorites.
If you spend a large part of your day away from home either at school, at work, or galavanting around town, then [...]

Smaller Recycled Bike Tire Tube Bags

So, yesterday I highlighted some of our larger-sized Recycled Bike Tire Tube Bags. Today, I wanted to showcase some our smaller bags.
1. Recycled Bike Tire Tube Bag with Stripes

I love this bag. Our Recycled Bike Tire Tube Bag with Stripes is a great everyday bag because it’s holds just your essentials.
2. Black and White Recycled [...]

I’m Swooning Over Our Recycled Tire Tube Bags

I don’t think we’ve ever come out with bags that I love quite as much as our new Recycled Tire Tube bags. They pair Southwest fabric (which I lovelovelove) with recycled bike tire tubes. What’s not to love here? They’re fair trade, upcycled, and very much on-trend. Also, they would all make perfect festival bags [...]

Earth Divas Oldies But Goodies

Here at Earth Divas we’re always coming out with new designs. After all, creating wonderful new fair trade bags is a major part of the fun we all have working here!
However, some of our fair trade bags are classics and continue to be popular years after their creation. So, I wanted to highlight some of [...]

Fair Trade Paper Loveliness

Earth Divas is most well-known for our fair trade bags. However, many people don’t realize we have a wide variety of fair trade gift bags and note cards. All the paper products we offer through Earth Divas are hand made, and I love them because they’re very earthy and natural.
Here are a few of my [...]