Highlighting the Fair Trade Federation

Last year Earth Divas become a recognized fair trade organization through the Fair Trade Federation. This was a happy day for us because it meant we’d achieved a high standard of excellence and fairness in the eyes of this worthy organization.
This recognition also showed the world that we truly care about fair trade, and that [...]

The Many Impacts of Fair Trade: Part 2

So I’ve been outlining some of the many benefits of fair trade, and in the last post in this series I focused on the benefit women see when you buy a fair trade item.
Today I want to look at how fair trade alleviates poverty, and becomes a powerful, transformational force of good in struggling communities.
Alleviating [...]

The Many Impacts of Fair Trade, Part 1

Here in this country, it’s easy to look at a label that says “fair trade” and forget what those two words really mean. But I think it’s important to constantly stress just how much good fair trade does for people thousands of miles away.
So, I’m going to be writing several posts over the next few [...]

Tips for Starting a Fair Trade Business: The Story of Earth Divas

When the owner of Earth Divas, Ed Edmundson, decided to start a company that sold 100% fair trade items, he had no idea how to get started. Learning the ins and outs of how to source and supply fair trade items was a huge undertaking. And, like any business owner he made some mistakes along the [...]

UK Jewelers Moving to Fair Trade Gold

So, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And although you still might be munching on chocolates (or, if you’re thrifty like me you’re going out to buy all the V-Day chocolate at 75% off…) the holiday is largely over.
Except this year, Valentine’s Day had a longer impact that just February 14th. In the UK, 20 [...]

How to Have a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day

So, V-Day is just over two weeks away. You might already be eyeing chocolates, stuffed bears, or even some jewelry for your sweetie.
But here’s an idea…why not try to make this Valentine’s Day less of an impact on the environment? Why not purchase items that will also make a difference for people around the world?
Why [...]

Fair Trade Store Highlight: Global Exchange

So, since we’ve become a member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) I’ve taken an interest into learning about the other business that are already involved with this great organization.
One of these business is Global Exchange. Global Exchange is an international human rights organization which operates 5 brick and mortar stores here in the U.S. [...]

Selecting Fabrics in India

When Ed was in India a few months ago, he was able to connect with several new artisans and co-op groups that we’re now working with. Which means we’ll soon have a ton of new fair trade handbag designs to highlight here on the blog! Some are actually one their way as I write this.
I [...]

More of My Favorite Eco Gifts

Are you looking for some great eco friendly holiday gifts this year? Me too! I’ve been scouring the web for Fair Trade Gifts, organic gifts…anything that’s handmade and/or eco friendly is going to make my list this year.
Need some ideas? Here are some of my favorites!
1. Earth Divas Recycled Silk Shoulder Bag

I have this Recycled Silk [...]

Kalamkari Fabrics

Have you ever heard of kalamkari fabrics?
Kalamkari is a type of hand or block printed textile that has been made in India as early as the 10th century. It uses natural dyes, which the artists paint into the textile surface by hand. It’s an incredibly meticulous, and monotonous task.
Kalamkari literally translates as pen (kalam) and work (kari).
Historically, [...]