The Women We Work With…

It’s so easy to forget how lucky we have it here in the United States. Here, women can be anyone and anything they want to be. We live in a free country where we’re only limited by our imagination. And it’s amazing to see some of the things we’ve accomplished.
Unfortunately, the entire world doesn’t have [...]

Buying Fair Trade Toys

Here at Earth Divas, we love promoting and supporting fair trade because we get to see, first hand, how much of a difference it makes in the lives of our artisans. But, we also like to support other fair trade companies too, especially those selling fair trade toys.
Many parents don’t think about buying their kids [...]

What to Look For When Buying Fair Trade Jewelry

If you’re looking for fair trade jewelry, then you might be wondering what you should be looking for. After all, what does fair trade jewelry really mean? And what’s to stop someone from saying their jewelry is fair trade, when really it isn’t?
These are tough questions. Without the standard certification requirements like in the food [...]

Fair Trade Myths Debunked

As fair trade continues to grow, so does the mis-information about what fair trade really is, and the good it’s doing around the world. So, I thought it was high-time to debunk some of these myths!
Fair Trade Myth #1: Artisans are overpaid for the work they do
Nothing could be further from the truth here!
Artisans that [...]

10 Standards of Fair Trade

When you see that fair trade products that are certified, do you ever wonder what goes into that certification? I mean, what do these organizations look at when they’re certifying all these products?
Well, the World Fair Trade Organization (WTFO) has 10 standards they measure a company or organization against before they’ll grant a fair trade [...]

Why Care About Fair Trade?

When it comes to Fair Trade it’s easy to get confused. We’ve heard about Fair Trade on the news, and probably seen it mentioned in the blogosphere tons of times. But, what does Fair Trade actually mean? Why should we try and buy Fair Trade bags and Fair Trade jewelry?
The answer: because Fair Trade [...]

How Do I Know A Product Is Fair Trade?

All you have to do is Google “fair trade” to see thousands of websites pop up. There are fair trade hemp bags, fair trade jewelry, fair trade chocolate, fair trade tea, fair trade clothing, fair trade coffee…the list could go on and on!
Although the large majority of companies that are sell fair trade goods are [...]