Raising Awareness about Fair Trade Coffee, and Songbirds

Several years ago (read, eight or more) I went to a concert in Boston. It was a concert by two of my favorite artists at the time: John Mayer, and Bonnie Raitt. They were performing together to benefit the Songbird Foundation.
The Songbird Foundation seeks to raise awareness about the importance of fair trade, shade grown [...]

Fair Trade USA’s Expansion: Good or Bad?

Fair Trade USA is in the middle of a big controversy right now. Essentially, the organization is redefining what “fair trade” means, so they can expand and include larger corporations and/or growing estates.
The current controversy centers on coffee growers, but it has the potential to impact every fair trade producer, from tea, chocolate, and even [...]

Fair Trade Coffee E-Tasting on Tuesday!

Ok, I know how weird that title must look. An e-tasting? What the heck is that? And what could it possibly have to do with fair trade?
First, some background. I have a serious love affair with coffee. And I’m not alone; coffee (along with chocolate) is the most traded good around the world. And I’ve [...]

Why You Should Care About Fair Trade Coffee

I love fair trade coffee. In fact, love might be a mild understatement. I cherish coffee. To me, waking up to a hot cup of coffee is the most pleasant way to start the day.
I bought regular coffee for years. But once I began to realize how much my buying choices were really affecting the [...]