EarthDivas Jewelry

There are a lot of ways to accessorize your look from bags to scarves and more. One of the easiest ways to jazz up an outfit is with jewelry. Jewelry is not just a way to accessorize but it can allow you to put your own stamp on your look. You can choose a piece [...]

New Autumn and Winter Collection

Autumn has arrived! It is not just the season that has changed but the fashion to. This season is all about warmer fabrics and earthier colors. If you are looking for your new autumnal key pieces then you are in the right place! At EarthDivas we have added a new stylish, Fairtrade autumn collection to [...]

Fair Trade Valentine’s Gifts!

I love it when Valentine’s Day rolls around because I get to write a post about fair trade, ethical, and sustainable Valentine’s Gifts.
First, here are some fun facts about Valentine’s Day from the National Confectioners Association:

More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day.
On February 14, 270 A.D., Roman Emperor [...]

Fair Trade Gifts: Fun Children’s Beanies

If you’re looking for some fun, yet still practical, children’s gifts, look no further than our children’s beanies. These cute hats look adorable on tiny heads.
The best part is that they’re 100% fair trade, and 100% of the profits at Earth Divas are given back to the artisans. This means that every purchase truly makes [...]

Children’s Fair Trade Gifts

We’ve recently come out with a fun and bright line of fair trade children’s bags just in time for the holidays. And, I can’t help but smile when I look at them. They’re based on friendly animals and familiar shapes, and
1. Yellow Butterfly Bag
Our Yellow Butterfly bag would make a wonderful gift for young girls. [...]

Fair Trade Gifts: Bags

Bags can make wonderful holiday gifts, if you know how to pick the right bag for the right person. Many women are really choosy about their bags, and knowing whether or not they’ll love the bag you think they’ll love isn’t always easy!
We have over 450 handmade, fair trade bags at Earth Divas, so there’s [...]

Fair Trade Gifts: Jewelry

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only 47 days away. Really. And if you’re like some people, you’re already mentally compiling gift lists in your head. I know I am!
Like I do every year, I wanted to stress how much good all of us can do by giving fair trade gifts this year. When [...]

Fun New Fair Trade Bags!

Well, if you need some fair trade gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, we have some great ideas at Earth Divas, especially if you’re shopping for kids! We’ve just got in a ton of fun, new, colorful fair trade bags and I can’t wait to share them with you!
1. Fair Trade Zebra Bag

I love [...]

Fair Trade Federation’s 2013 Fair Trade Calendar Now Available

Each year, the Fair Trade Federation sells a beautiful calendar to raise money and spread awareness. And, the 2013 calendar is now available!
I’m really excited for this year’s calendar because the photography is always stunning. There’s also plenty of great information about fair trade within the calendar itself. According to the FTF, the 2013 calendar [...]

Global Goods’ Fair Trade School Fundraisers

When I was in elementary school, we would occasionally sign up to go door-to-door, selling things to help raise money for the band, or the girls’ baseball team, or whatever after-school program was currently in a financial crisis.
Of course, in Louisiana, in the 1980s, our selling choices were limited. We generally sold holiday wrapping paper, [...]