Fair Trade and Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry has been making significant changes in the way garments are produced, from eco friendly materials to improved human rights for the workers. There is still a lot that needs to change but progress is being made and we are moving in the right direction. We are passionate about creating fair trade and [...]

Fair Trade Highlights 2017

We at EarthDivas are a proud member of the fair trade Federation. It is very important to us to show the amazing ways in which fair trade helps workers and people around the globe. As the year is coming to a close we would like to take the opportunity to show our fair trade highlights.
Disaster [...]

Christmas Decorations at EarthDivas

The Christmas countdown has begun, and the big day is almost here. One of the best things about Christmas are the decorations! Festive décor will get everyone into the holiday spirit. At EarthDivas we have a special holiday collection full of ornaments, stockings and more. Any of our holiday pieces will make your home extra [...]

Fair Trade

We are proud to say that EarthDivas is a fair trade company. As we are fair trade it means that the purchases made benefit the artisans who make our products. If you aren’t familiar with what fair trade means then you are not alone. Many are not fully aware of the amazing benefits that come [...]

Behind the Scenes

Think about where you shop. Do you know where the items were manufactured? Do you know who made them? Were they made in a safe and fairly payed environment? Many may not know the answers to these questions, whether because it hasn’t been thought about or because stores do not tell you. At EarthDivas we [...]

Make a Purchase That Matters

At EarthDivas we give 100% of the profits made to the artisans who create our products. Our goal is to help businesses grow and to give back to the artisans who work hard to make beautiful products. Our products are also handmade, fair trade and green.
Artisans We Work With
We work with businesses in Nepal. This [...]

Fair Trade Wedding Dresses: Celia Grace

If you’re planning a wedding, have you given much thought to the dress you’ll be wearing? And I don’t mean thinking about how stunning it’s going to be. I mean, have you thought about where that dress will be made? Where it will come from? How will that dress impact the environment, and the [...]

Perfect Fair Trade Festival Bags

We’ve gotten so many wonderful fair trade bags, and tons of them are perfect for the upcoming music festival season! Bottle Rock just ended, and next on tap is the Detroit Movement Festival, which takes place over Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll be there all three days!
If you’re a music festival goer, then you know that [...]

Amazing Fair Trade Rugs

When I stumbled into this interview with Chris Haughton on Digital Arts I knew I had to share it with all of you because it’s just amazing.
Chris Hauton is an author, but he’s also the owner of Node, a company that helps connects artists with fair trade artisans in Nepal. Put simply, the artists create [...]

Have a Fair Trade Holiday Celebration

Are you planning a big holiday celebration next week? I am; although things will be fairly quiet in my home on Christmas Day, our big celebration will actually take place Saturday night with some dear friends. There will be presents, and a wonderfully large dinner.
I’m doing what I can to make our celebration eco-friendly and [...]