An Update from India

So, I finally got an update from Ed, the owner of Earth Divas, who is travelling through India and Nepal right now meeting with new vendors and coming up with some really exciting new bags. I can’t wait until we get these made and up on the site for all of you to see!
Today he’s [...]

The Skinny on Leather

Many people don’t think twice about buying leather shoes, leather handbags, leather jackets and leather belts. Leather’s everywhere, and it’s easy to let this material slip into our closets without giving it a second thought.
But, we really should be giving leather a second thought. Why?
Because leather is really, really bad for the environment.
First, let’s start [...]

Fair Trade Artisans Feel the Pinch of Recession

I know that many of us have been feeling the pinch of the recession lately. But it’s easy to forget that there is an entire world out there, full of people who are also being affected.
One group who are feeling the effects of the global downturn are fair trade artisans.
What’s happened that as the recession [...]

Fair Trade Beauty Products You’ll Love

So, we’ve talked about fair trade bags, fair trade fashion, fair trade coffee, and fair trade chocolate.
But what about fair trade beauty products?
Many people aren’t aware that fair trade beauty products exist. But they do, thanks in large part to main ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter, which can be fairly traded from countries [...]

The Power of the Sewing Machine…

When most people think of sweatshops, they picture women and children behind row after row of sewing machines. The sweat is beaded on their brow, the air is hot and stuffy, and they stay that way for 12-14 hours per day.
The reality is actually pretty close to this, actually. Sweatshops are awful places, and the [...]

The Truth About SweatShops…

We’ve all heard about how bad sweatshops are. ┬áBut, what does that really mean? I mean, what is a sweatshop, and who works there? What do they make?
I started wondering this today because of Wal-Mart. Did you know that, according to PBS, Wal-Mart is the biggest employer in the United States outside the Federal Government?
They’re [...]

Why You Should Buy Ethical Silver

Did you know that silver mining, which is lumped under the heading of “industrial mining”, is one of the world’s most destructive industries? It’s highly polluting to the environment, and the industry often engages in labor practices that practically mimic slavery. Many mining companies use child labor in their mines.
Most of the world’s silver comes [...]

World Fair Trade Day is Saturday, May 8!

World Fair Trade Day is tomorrow! This celebration is a relatively new movement to help raise awareness of Fair Trade around the world.
Basically, it’s a series of events taking place all over the world to help people understand how powerful Fair Trade is, and how they can help change the world simply by buying Fair [...]

What You Need To Know About Fair Trade Wine

Many people haven’t heard of fair trade wine. I consider myself to be pretty “fair trade” savvy, but even I didn’t know about it until a few weeks ago!
As you can imagine, however, I was thrilled to learn about it, especially since fair trade wine is still fairly new here in the States.
How big is [...]

Saying "I Do"? Then Have A Fair Trade Wedding!

If you’re saying “I Do” this year, congratulations! Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, and in all the to-do it’s easy to forget that our weddings can have a huge impact on our environment, and the world.
Eco-weddings (which are also often called fair trade or “ethical” weddings) are becoming the newest trend as more [...]