Fair Trade Federation’s 2013 Fair Trade Calendar Now Available

Each year, the Fair Trade Federation sells a beautiful calendar to raise money and spread awareness. And, the 2013 calendar is now available!
I’m really excited for this year’s calendar because the photography is always stunning. There’s also plenty of great information about fair trade within the calendar itself. According to the FTF, the 2013 calendar [...]

British Farmers Need Fair Trade Labeling

When most people hear the words “fair trade,” they envision foods and goods that come from struggling communities in third world countries; I know that’s what I often picture. However, you might not expect a fair trade label on foods or goods that’s produced in a developed nation, such as the United States or Great [...]

Amazing Fair Trade Store: Raven + Lily

I love finding new socially-responsible businesses to fall in love with. And when those businesses sell products I can fall in love with at the same time, even better.
This is what has happened with Raven + Lily. This site carries all the things women love: clothing, jewelry, paper, scarves, and bath luxuries. The best part [...]

Packing Light for Fair Trade Travel

No matter where I go, or how long I go for, I take only my purse and a backpack with me on my travels.
The reason I love packing uber-light are many: it’s cheaper (I don’t have to pay a suitcase charge), it’s easier (I don’t lug suitcases around an airport, or around the subway or [...]

Love from Nepal, Part II

I lovelovelove when Ed visits our artists in Nepal and India, because it means I have wonderful pictures to share with all of you!
Here are some more lovely images from Ed’s latest trip to Nepal.

Why I Love Handmade, and Why You Should Too…

Just a few years ago, I never thought twice about buying a piece of jewelry, or a hat, or a sweater, off the shelf. If it was cool, and it struck my fancy, then it came home with me. End of story. I never gave it much thought.
Everything began to change when I discovered Etsy. [...]

An Update from India

So, I finally got an update from Ed, the owner of Earth Divas, who is travelling through India and Nepal right now meeting with new vendors and coming up with some really exciting new bags. I can’t wait until we get these made and up on the site for all of you to see!
Today he’s [...]

The Skinny on Leather

Many people don’t think twice about buying leather shoes, leather handbags, leather jackets and leather belts. Leather’s everywhere, and it’s easy to let this material slip into our closets without giving it a second thought.
But, we really should be giving leather a second thought. Why?
Because leather is really, really bad for the environment.
First, let’s start [...]

Fair Trade Artisans Feel the Pinch of Recession

I know that many of us have been feeling the pinch of the recession lately. But it’s easy to forget that there is an entire world out there, full of people who are also being affected.
One group who are feeling the effects of the global downturn are fair trade artisans.
What’s happened that as the recession [...]

Fair Trade Beauty Products You’ll Love

So, we’ve talked about fair trade bags, fair trade fashion, fair trade coffee, and fair trade chocolate.
But what about fair trade beauty products?
Many people aren’t aware that fair trade beauty products exist. But they do, thanks in large part to main ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter, which can be fairly traded from countries [...]