Fair Trade Highlights 2017

We at EarthDivas are a proud member of the fair trade Federation. It is very important to us to show the amazing ways in which fair trade helps workers and people around the globe. As the year is coming to a close we would like to take the opportunity to show our fair trade highlights.
Disaster [...]

Africa is Producing Fair Trade Gold

Africa has long had a reputation for dirty gold. This country has the world’s largest gold deposits, and the gold industry’s history in this country is legendary for its cruelty, and its polluting practices.
But I’m happy to report that slowly, this is starting to change. According to an article published in The Guardian, Fair Trade [...]

Fair Trade Clothing? The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is Working On It…

For decades now we’ve had fair trade labeling and certification for food. However, the fair trade industry is still lacking a certification and labeling system for apparel. And, this is just what the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is trying to change.
This non-profit organization is trying to change the way the apparel industry treats its workers, and [...]

Fair Trade USA’s New Labeling — Confusing and Wrong

Imagine picking up a box of brownie mix that is labeled fair trade. This is a purchase that you can feel good about, right?
Well, that’s a puzzling question to consider. What if you knew that the sugar, milk, and flour in the mix, the three ingredients that make up the largest percentage of the brownie, [...]

World Fair Trade Day is May 11!

So, World Fair Trade Day is this Saturday, May 11. And you can bet there are a lot of events going on all over North America. It is, after all, the biggest fair trade of the year. There are celebrations planned in over 70 countries!
If you haven’t heard of it, World Fair Trade Day is [...]

World Fair Trade Day May 11: Win a Fair Trade Trip to Peru!

World Fair Trade Day is May 11. And to celebrate, this year the World Fair Trade Organization is coordinating events with hundreds of retail outlets around the world.
The theme for this year’s celebration is Fair Trade Relationships, and this is an issue that hits home with us here at Earth Divas. We believe that the [...]

Common Foods Made with Child Labor

Last night PBS Newshour ran a disturbing story about a product I’d never given much thought to before: palm oil.
Palm oil is most often found in pre-packaged and pre-made foods. And because I rarely eat these foods, this innocuous sounding ingredient really wasn’t on my radar. But it sure is now.
What Is Palm Oil?
Palm oil is a [...]

Fair Trade Artisans Reuse Water in India

In most parts of the world, we take water for granted. We turn on the tap, and out it comes. However, in India, especially in rural regions, water is an incredibly scarce resource.
The artisans in Rajasthan are known for their block print fabric, which is turned into bags by Handmade Expressions (and many other fair [...]

Kudos to Hershey’s For Committing to Fair Trade

I love sharing good news here at the Earth Divas blog, and I’ve discovered some news that, while it’s not entirely new (anymore), it is rather noteworthy. Somehow, I just missed it when it broke a few months ago, so perhaps some of you missed the big announcement as well.
Hershey Chocolates has committed to using 100% [...]

Celebrate Fair Trade Tuesday!

Well, it seems the holidays are really here. Black Friday is coming up on 11/23, Small Business Saturday is 11/24, and Cyber Monday is 11/26. Whew! It’s enough to make anyone dizzy.
The most important day though, in my opinion, is Fair Trade Tuesday, on 11/27. According to Global Goods Partners, Fair Trade Tuesday was created [...]