Helping Girls Around the World

Today I was listening to the BBC News on NPR, and they did a moving piece about how hard it is for girls in Palestine to go to school. They interviewed a young woman, aged 15, who lives in a particularly conservative part of northern Palestine. She’s rare in that her father actually has allowed [...]

Why We Love Emma Watson

I’ve seen Emma Watson in some great films, my favorite of which is “My Week with┬áMarilyn.” She is as talented as she is beautiful, but all of us at Earth Divas love Ms. Watson for another reason. She has been a tireless campaigner for fair trade, sustainable, and ethical fashion.
In 2009 and 2010, Watson collaborated [...]

Our New Tailoring School in Nepal

Did you know that in Nepal, tailors make significantly more money than regular sewers? And that predominantly, men are trained as tailors and women are trained to be regular sewers?
This means that it’s easier for men to be employed. And, they earn far more money than women do. This keeps women in a perpetual cycle [...]

Why We Should Be Buying Recycled Jewelry

I heard a report on ┬áNational Public Radio a couple of days ago that broke my heart, and made me realize that I can’t, and will not, ever buy new gold jewelry again.
The report came out of Nigeria, where the worst case of lead poisoning in recent history is taking place. In Northern Nigeria, 400 [...]

Some Fair Trade Chocolate Might Not be Fairly Traded

When you buy a fair trade chocolate bar, it’s usually safe to assume that it’s made with fair trade cocoa beans. However, according to Bill Keeling, md of London-based chocolate producer Prestat, and quoted in, not all fair trade chocolate is truly made from fair trade ingredients.
Here’s how it works, at least in the [...]

Fair Trade: Small and Meaningful

I love reading stories about people who feel so passionate about fair trade that they give up “traditional” aspirations (such as moving to a big city after college in order to get a high-paying job) in order to pursue the dream of making a significant difference in the world.
I stumbled upon a story just like [...]

British Farmers Need Fair Trade Labeling

When most people hear the words “fair trade,” they envision foods and goods that come from struggling communities in third world countries; I know that’s what I often picture. However, you might not expect a fair trade label on foods or goods that’s produced in a developed nation, such as the United States or Great [...]

Fair Trade USA’s Expansion: Good or Bad?

Fair Trade USA is in the middle of a big controversy right now. Essentially, the organization is redefining what “fair trade” means, so they can expand and include larger corporations and/or growing estates.
The current controversy centers on coffee growers, but it has the potential to impact every fair trade producer, from tea, chocolate, and even [...]

Fair Trade Gets New Logo!

So, some fun and exciting news this morning!
Fair Trade USA has unveiled a new logo for fair trade certified products. The new logo, on the left there, is brighter and more modern looking than the old one.
However, it’s not just the logo that got an update. Fair Trade USA’s labeling policies also got revamped.
The reason [...]

The Pitfalls of Fair Trade? Sometimes, It Isn’t Fair

Here at Earth Divas, we’re passionately committed to fair trade practices with our artisans. Our owner, Ed, frequently travels to India and Nepal to meet with our artisans, and the co-ops they work with, to ensure that everyone is keeping their word and commitments to fair trade practices.
What’s scary is that sometimes, illegal practices still [...]