New Toms for Spring!

Tom’s is one of my favorite companies, for several reasons. First, their shoes and flats are wonderfully stylish and comfortable; any company who can marry comfort and style get an A+ in my book.
However, a more important reason why I love Tom’s is because they have huge heart, and they are committed to making a [...]

Gypsy Bags I Love

There’s something I’ve always loved about the gypsy look. It’s flowing, free, and effortless. Gypsies mix dark, smoldering colors with bright floral prints, and they have an air of mystery about them that makes you wonder why they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.

I’ve been travelling across the country since mid-November, and I [...]

Tips for Buying Ethical Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. Lots of people have jewelry on the brain this time of year; people want to show their love, and jewelry is a wonderful way to do that.
I think jewelry speaks to people because it’s so personal. We have to wear clothing, but adorning ourselves with jewelry [...]

Some of My Favorite Earth Diva’s Bags for Spring

Yes, it’s only January 21. And yes, right now the winds are howling across the Northern Plains and freezing residents with wind chills of -25 to -50. But, this is exactly why I’ve got the spring bug. I’m dreaming of bright green buds of grass, beautiful new flowers, delicate leaves uncurling from bare branches, bright [...]

Making a Difference, One Woman at a Time…

I wanted to share some beautiful pictures our owner Ed took of our artisans, and of the tailoring school he has started in Nepal!

Here’s what Ed has to say about the Tailoring School he has founded in Nepal.
“In Nepal and throughout the developing world most craft items are made by women, and by hand. ¬†Men [...]

Socially Responsible Companies That Give Back

I love promoting businesses that have a clear social conscience. The reason is because caring about others, especially the artisans that are the foundation of a business, is something we care deeply about here at Earth Divas. We give 100% of our profits back to the artisans who make our bags. Our CEO, Ed, doesn’t [...]

Demand for Fair Trade Keeps Growing!

It’s amazing to me that just ten years ago, most people didn’t know what “fair trade” was. However, the last decade has proven to be a boon for the fair trade industry. Thanks to hundreds, and even thousands, of public awareness campaigns, and the rising awareness of social responsibility, today many consumers understand what fair [...]

Upcoming Trade Show Appearances

After the holiday season is over, the gang here at Earth Divas are hitting the road. We’ll be appearing at a number of trade shows and conferences to showcase our beautiful handmade, fair trade bags! If you’re near one of these conferences, we’d love it if you stopped by to say hello.
1. Americasmart in Atlanta

Booth [...]

Fair Trade Holiday Ornaments from Earth Divas

Most of you likely know us for our fair trade bags. However, every holiday season we come out with a line of handmade, fair trade ornaments you can use to brighten up your tree or give as gifts.
What’s unique about our holiday ornaments is that they’re handmade by a woman’s co-op in Nepal. They’re made [...]

Enjoy 25% Off at Earth Divas!

I have an early holiday gift for all of you! Right now, you can enjoy 25% off all our fair trade bags at Earth Divas! Yippee! And, you’ll also receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50. Double Yippee!
What can you do with this discount? Well, you could purchase yourself a wonderful new fair trade [...]