We’ve Heard on the Grapevine…

Here at Earth Divas we’ve been doing some serious outreach to spread the word about our fair trade bags. And, we’ve heard some exciting new on the grapevine that I wanted to share quickly. Our bags might be featured on the hit ABC show, “Modern Family“.
I’ll keep all of you updated as soon as we [...]

The Many Impacts of Fair Trade, Part 3

In this country, it’s very difficult to imagine not being able to send our kids to school. But stop and think about it a moment: imagine being a mother forced with an agonizing choice…your family is not going to make it unless you have additional income coming in. Do you send your daughter to school [...]

Some Unique Fair Trade Goodies

Here at Earth Divas, we specialize in making high quality, fair trade bags. But we also make a lot of other fun and unique fair trade items. After all, we work with dozens of talented artisans in Nepal and India; often, they’ll have a great idea for a new product that we just have to [...]

Ed’s Latest Trip to Nepal

So, Ed just got back from an amazing trip to Nepal. He worked with our artisans on new designs for Earth Divas, and he took a ton of amazing pictures and video of how our bags are actually made!

Below, you can see some of the dyed garments drying in the sun.

The fabric is dyed by [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we’re members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” [...]

Tracing Gold

Take a quick look at the jewelry you’re wearing. Look at your rings, your earrings, your necklace, and your bracelet. Unless you specifically bought jewelry labeled “fair trade”, there’s a darn good chance that the gold you’re wearing was mined with child labor and/or unsafe, unethical, and environmentally damaging mining practices.
It’s heart wrenching to think [...]

Fair Trade Gifts Galore!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas Eve is 10 days from today. Yowza! So, I wanted to highlight some more fair trade gifts before the timeline closes for Christmas delivery. Don’t forget, you have until this coming Friday, December 16, to order in time for Christmas Day delivery!
Don’t Forget to Shop Fair Trade!
Before I dive [...]

Update: Our New Line of Fair Trade Bags!

I feel like a kid at Christmas every time we get a new batch of designs up on Earth Divas. It’s so exciting!
I love getting to see the incredible workmanship of our artisans. They’re so talented! And it makes me happy that people get just as excited as I do over these fair trade bags [...]

Support Breast Cancer Awareness With Eco-Jewlery

So, you likely already know that not only is October Fair Trade Month, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is why you see everything from stores to NFL football players hosed down in pink).
This morning, I found a stunning piece of jewelry that not only helps raise awareness about breast cancer, but it’s also [...]

October is Fair Trade Month!

Did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? Well, it is!
Fair Trade Month is sponsored by Fair Trade USA, and this year marks the 8th annual celebration of fair trade. Yippee!
Here at Earth Divas we passionately believe in fair trade. And, we have a lot of exciting stories coming up about some new relationships [...]