Want a Sweater Made from Yak Wool?

Khunu sweater

Think you’d like to wear a sweater made from yak wool? I know I would!

The yak is an important animal for many cultures, especially in Nepal, where many of our own artisans live and work. And eco-clothing retailer Khunu makes really awesome, really eco-friendly yak wool sweaters.

The Benefits of Yak Wool

There are tons of benefits to using yak wool in clothing.

First, it’s 20% warmer than merino, and it resists pilling and snagging better than cashmere. Yay!

It’s also better for the animal. Regular wool is shorn off the sheep, which can lead to the animals’ suffering when they’re shorn in winter. Many sheep even die from winter shearing because without their wool they have no protection from the elements.

Yak wool is combined off the yaks, instead of shorn. This means zero suffering for the yaks. They’re happy about that.


The yak herders also benefit because they can now make money off the yak hair, which they were either using themselves or just throwing away. Khunu also gives 2% of each sale back to the yak herders to assist the community with medicine, food supplies and education. I love this!

So what do the yak wool sweaters from Khunu look like? They’re really, really cool. And I’d love to be wearing one right now to ward off February’s chilly winds…

Pretty cool, right? They’re sleek and trendy, and you can bet your bunny they’re really, really warm.

The only downside is the price. Khunu’s sweaters run $160-$190. So, a bit steep for me. But I love that Khunu is bring yak wool to more people, as well as giving back to the Himalayan yak herders by purchasing the wool, and donating to help better their communities.

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